Good Neighbors Rwanda’s participation in NGO Expo and Conference 2018.

Good Neighbors Rwanda operated an exhibit at the NGO Expo with brochures, banners and video clips demonstrating the impact of GN projects to the development and wellbeing of the community. Through interactions with others at the conference, Good Neighbors staff had the opportunity to gain additional knowledge to improve their work and to make GN projects more sustainable.

NGO Expo and Conference 2018 took place on the 1st to the 2nd of March at Kigali Conference and Exhibition Center/ Kigali-Rwanda, under the theme of “Inspiring Sustainability and Social Good”. The main objective of the expo and conference were to offer a national forum and opportunity for Civil Society Organizations (CSO) and Non-Government Organizations (NGO) to meet and share experiences, while showcasing achievements and strengthening partnership.

Through the NGO Expo and Conference, Good Neighbors Rwanda reinforced relations with partners including other NGO, government, and development partners, and exchanged knowledge, information and experiences with varied audiences. This event allowed Local & International NGOs to share their experience and to be challenged to serve their beneficiaries and countries better. As agreed upon during the event, NGO Expo and Conference has become an annual event, with the second installment to be organized for next year. In light of the positive experience this year, Good Neighbors Rwanda plans to take part in the next conference for mutual cooperation with other stakeholders, governmental agencies, and NGOs.