Good Neighbors Vietnam and Lotte Mart Vietnam has made an agreement to help minorities living in Vietnam.

On the 5th of February, Good Neighbors Vietnam signed an agreement with Lotte Mart Vietnam to help the people of ethnic minorities living in Vietnam to sell and distribute their harvested products and to provide educational opportunities for their children in poverty. Alongside this agreement, Good Neighbors Vietnam supports the children in need by implementing a variety of projects in the field of Education, Health, Water and Sanitation via Community Development Project. The agreement helps create a chain that assists the minority groups deal with sales of the products, bringing them a step closer to self-reliance.

The agreement ceremony was held at the Lotte Mart’ South Saigon chain, the first of its kind built in 2008 in Vietnam by the Korean major discount store chain. In attendance at the event were Mr. An YongSik (Country Director of Good Neighbors Vietnam) and Mr. Kang Minho (General director of Lotte Mart Vietnam.

Mr. An YongSik explains that “Vietnam is a nation where 53 different ethnic group live in harmony, mainly residing in mountainous area. This geographical factor stops them from finding sales channel, even though their products are of good quality. But, now I am positive that the agreement will enable the people of the ethnic minority to raise their income.” And the General director also shard that, “As a global distribution corporation, We, Lotte Mart Vietnam, will strive to take a social responsibility and commit ourselves to creating and developing new valuable business items in order to contribute to sustainable community development.” Good Neighbors Vietnam is taking the next step forward to help the minorities; establishing social enterprise to promote quality products.