GN Good Neighbors Kyrgyz Republic Drinking Water Project Completion Ceremony

Good Neighbors Kyrgyz Republic held a ceremony for the completion of the Kerege-Tash drinking water project (water pipeline construction), which took 7 months to complete, starting September 2017 and ending May 13th.

Kareji-Tash is a rural village 760 km from the capital Bishkek, and its inhabitance had difficulty getting clean drinking water and irrigation water. In order to solve this issue, Good Neighbors Kyrgyz Republic supported local governments and local residents with a contribution totaling US $58,825.

With 7,745 meters of water pipes installed in the Kareji-Tash area, local residents will now be able to cultivate 400,000 square meters of land with clean and safe water, which will help increase income for local residents.

Nereirov Abdizhamil, a Carian-Tash village coordinator, says, "The project will provide water to the orchard and have a positive impact on the income of local residents. We thank Good Neighbors for making all these changes. "

The opening ceremony was attended by Good Neighbors Kyrgyz Republic director, village leader of Zhakypov, and the mayor of Halmurzaev.

In the future, Good Neighbors Kyrgyz Republic will continue to be a partner of the local residents. I would like to ask for your continued support and encouragement so that our organization can continue to support and improve the lives of people in Kyrgyz Republic.