Emergency relief of $ 30,000 sent to earthquake damaged areas in Indonesia.

Through your support and contribution, Good Neighbors was able to send $ 30,000 for emergency relief to Indonesia to assist those affected by the recent earthquake.

On August 6th, our group launched an emergency relief centered around our field office, Good Neighbors Indonesia. Good Neighbors Indonesia dispatched an on-site team to the affected areas to determine the conditions, and the needed support items were confirmed through discussions with the local government.

On August 5, hundreds of aftershocks hit Lombok, Indonesia, beginning with a 7.0 strong earthquake. The earthquake caused 131 deaths, 1,477 injured and an estimated total of 156,000 causalities. (Based on 8/8 AHA Center)

Our organization is supporting the inhabitants of the Pemenang region by providing tents for temporary residency and dispatching medical corps for the wounded. In addition, we will be continuing to survey the demands of the site and provide the support most needed for the residents.

We ask for your continued support so that the residents of Indonesia and people all around the world, who are having suffering from hardships and poverty will be cared for.