Good Neighbors Vietnam 'Dong Lai Kindergarten' Completion Ceremony

Good Neighbors Vietnam (branch director, An Yong Sik) held a ceremony for the opening of Dong Lai Kindergarten on August 20th, in Tan Lac, Vietnam.

Many families in Dong Lai Village, who earn their living by farming, often work all day with their children left alone at home. Due to the lack of proper child care facilities, only 53% of all children in Dong Lai village go to kindergarten.

In this regard, Good Neighbors Vietnam decided to establish a kindergarten to provide for the urgent need to create an educational environment for children, and established Dong Lai Kindergarten to accommodate around 200 children.

The opening ceremony of Dong Lai Kindergarten was attended by representative Ahn Yong-sik of Good Neighbors Vietnam and Tran Thi Hang of Dong Lai Kindergarten, the officials of the Tan Lac People's Committee, the people of Dong Rai People's Committee, and the THT Vietnamese construction companies. In total, more than 50 residents attended to celebrate the occasion.

"I think that the opening ceremony is a starting point for a new change for the residents of the province," said An Yeong-shik. "I believe that the children will be able to grow their dreams in a beautiful classroom, some of which will be led by local residents."

Along with Good Neighbors Vietnam, the SBS Cultural Foundation, Korea Pro Women's Golf Association, Engineering Mutual Aid Association, sponsors of the sharing expedition project, Lee Seung-won and Son-san participated in the Dong Lai Kindergarten opening ceremony. We look forward to your continued support and encouragement for the healthy growth and new changes for the Vietnamese children.