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Volunteer Trip


Why Guatemala?

We’re flying volunteers out to Guatemala to address a major health crisis that families are facing: the need for safe, energy-efficient cookstoves. Globally, three billion people cook, eat, sleep, and work every day around primitive indoor fires made from wood, rocks, and soil. Toxic indoor smoke is the 4th worst health risk in developing countries, leading to pneumonia, emphysema, cardiovascular disease, and lung cancer, and contributing to more than 2 million premature deaths annually. Children also spend hours each day walking miles to collect firewood instead of attending school. Our Project Cookstoves is based in Guatemala and you can join us to build brand-new cookstoves and personally meet the families you’re helping.

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New Cookstoves Transform Lives

We produce safe, modern, and energy-efficient cookstoves that dramatically reduce fuel consumption (by as much as 80%) and last for years, often serving multiple families at a time. It eliminates indoor exposure to toxic smoke, frees children from collecting firewood so they can attend school, and fosters a lifestyle transformation focused on health, wellness, and sustainability.

So I Can Actually Help Make This Happen in Guatemala?

Yes! Sign up to volunteer abroad with us and we’ll take you to Guatemala to personally build new cookstoves for families and see firsthand how they can save lives. This unique opportunity puts you directly in the field, building from the ground up for deserving families while connecting you with the people and culture of Guatemala.

Your trip will also include visiting our other community development project sites and tourist activities. It’s an incredible, life-changing experience for you and for the families you’re helping!

Note: Volunteer trips can also be customized to incorporate volunteers’ special interests (e.g. faith-based volunteer trips or skill-based trips for practicing professionals who want to contribute to communities).

Volunteer Testimonials


“The hard work that goes into building a coosktove really gives volunteers a different perspective on how others around the world live their lives.”


“Generosity and kindness seemed to be prominent characteristics of nearly everyone we met in the beautiful country.”


“I believe that the cookstoves that we built changed people’s lives not only because of the health benefits but also for the children.”


“It was such a unique experience that offers insight and inspiration.”

I’m In! What’s The Nitty-Gritty?

Trip Costs

$2,000 per person includes:

  • Donation of one cookstove (valued at $400) with a custom donor tile in the name of the volunteer
  • All travel costs including airfare, ground travel, and lodging
  • All meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
  • Detailed, planned itinerary to visit community projects and tourist destinations, all led by an experienced Good Neighbors staff member

Planned Trip Dates

Summer2017 and Summer2018

* We will need six or more volunteers for each trip date


Please contact us at for exact dates and to begin preparing for the trip. All volunteers are required to submit an application . Please click here to download the document.

*Volunteer hours from the trip can be used towards the President’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA).

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