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  • How Can $35/Month Change a Child's Life?

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How can $35/Month Change a Child’s Life?


Children in poor, rural villages often can’t afford to attend school. We see education as the key to lifting them out of poverty; your sponsorship pays for their tuition, uniforms, school supplies, and books.


Your sponsored child will be served hot, healthy meals every day, ensuring they get all of their nutritional requirements as they grow up. Meals range from rice and beans to chicken and pasta, depending upon their region.

Medical Care

Our organization staffs medical personnel and access to clinics within villages so children can receive check-ups, vaccinations, and treatments should they become ill. Your sponsorship provides these services to your child, making sure she/he is healthy and able to stay in school.

Steps to Child Sponsorship

Find a Child

Choose one of the children below to sponsor, or use the search options to find a child by age, location, or gender. Once you select your child, you will be taken to a registration page to set up your recurring monthly donation.

Receive Your Welcome Kit

After you complete your registration, our donor management team will send you a welcome kit within two weeks with a complete profile of your child and further information on our child sponsorship program.

See the Changes

We stay in constant communication with your child and update you on him/her with annual progress reports, child letters, and an online profile with photos and detailed information you can access at anytime. Should you have any questions, you can always reach us at (877) 499-9898.


I had been wanting to do something for kids for a while when I saw a Good Neighbors ad on TV for child sponsorship. I started sponsoring a child right away. Just knowing that my small contribution is helping their future makes me happy. The experience has also made me more thoughtful in my daily life, too; I shop less and stop to think that if I don’t buy this, then I can help another child.

-Kim O’Valle, sponsoring 1 child from Chad

Sponsoring children has enriched my life in [several] ways, giving me a lot of joy and a confidence about myself becoming someone who could help these families with their problems and bring up their children with the proper environment and education.

-Janette Kang, sponsoring 8 children from Guatemala

Find a Child to Sponsor

To find a child to sponsor, choose from the options below and click the "Search" button.

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