Child Protection

Every Child is Protected

We, as Good Neighbors, believe that every child should be ensured of their right to education, health, and be free from child abuse and exploitation. Sadly, in most parts of the world, especially girls are still very vulnerable to unjust social and cultural practices such as female circumcision, forced or early marriage, and sexual exploitation.

Through the development of community based child protection systems, we promote child rights awareness and help parents and communities better protect their children. We also believe that child protection is the responsibility of the local government; therefore we seek to promote national child protection policies.

Our child protection work focuses on the following two areas :

Promoting awareness of child rights among children and caregivers
Children should be aware of their own rights and have the capacity to voice them out. Also, as children are influenced by their caregivers, it is crucial for caregivers to be aware and to fulfil their responsibility to protect the rights of children.

Ensuring child protection policies and systems at the national and community level
Child protection cannot be achieved through individual efforts; it requires establishing a child protection system at the national and community level. It is also important for governments to recognize and fulfil their duty of child protection.