People Enjoy the Right to Education

Education is an essential human right that enables individuals to develop their own abilities and improve their quality of life. However, gaining access to quality education remains a challenge to those vulnerable within the society, especially girls. Globally, less than 40% of countries provide girls and boys with equal access to education and girls are more likely to never enter primary school than boys.
Children with mothers who are educated, are more likely to have higher levels of education and better health. It is estimated that a child born to a mother who can read is 50% more likely to survive past the age of 5. Therefore, the more women are educated, the greater the likelihood that their homes and communities are free from poverty.

There is also the issue of adults lacking basic literacy skills such as reading, writing or numeracy skills essential for everyday life due to the lack of education at an earlier stage in their lives. There are still 750 million illiterate adults in this world, two thirds of whom are women. We assist these people to gain basic life skills so that they can make proactive decisions in everyday life.

Our education work focuses on the following two areas :

Ensuring quality education for all
Every child regardless of their gender, economic or social situation should be ensured of their right to obtain quality education. In order to ensure access to quality education, we will support caregivers such as parents to acknowledge the need for child education. We will also assist in creating better school environments and developing teachers’ capacities, especially addressing any obstacles for girls’ education.

Enabling access to lifelong learning for adults
Adults who were not able to receive proper education may lack basic literacy and numeracy skills, which limit their capacity to bargain at the market, make bank transactions, or effectively interact and communicate with others. Therefore, ensuring that adults have opportunities to learn these skills is crucial in ensuring their empowerment.