Food Security

People are free from hunger

Globally, one in nine people in the world today (795 million) are undernourished. The vast majority of the world’s hungry people live in developing countries, where 12.9 per cent of the population is undernourished. Poor nutrition causes nearly half of the deaths of children under five, which is around 3.1 million children each year.

Hunger is not a result of lack of food. Food production is globally sufficient to feed everyone adequately, yet millions of people are denied access. Why? They simply cannot afford the cost. Food goes to the markets where the price is high, and not to where people need it desperately. Furthermore, the malfunctioning market places raise price tags on food for poor people because they lack alternative sources of food. Hunger impacts small-scale farmers in many countries because they do not have enough yield for their living. Lack of capacity to obtain good seed and fertilizer and no opportunities to learn productive and sustainable farming techniques leave them in hunger and poverty. We work to assist people to gain resilience and prevent malnutrition, by enhancing food security.

Our food security work focuses on the following two areas :

Enhancing food security and resilience of communities
A crucial step we take to encourage resilience and food security among the people is to help communities organize for collective action and to promote understanding of food security issues. Furthermore, we place an emphasis on supporting small-scale farmers to adopt sustainable and productive farming methods which will strengthen their capacity to withstand climate change and natural disasters.

Assisting people who are susceptible to malnutrition
Children, women, and the destitute are most vulnerable to malnutrition. Therefore, we take special care to encourage communities to focus their collective attention on the welfare of those most susceptible. Our efforts will go to enabling people take balanced nutritional intake with locally available ingredients.