Inclusive Community

People build inclusive and democratic communities

The social structure of a community has a profound effect on one’s life. For example, a woman born in a society that regards women as inferior is forced to live as a subordinate person, deprived of the opportunity to exercise her potential. A child born in a lower caste, in a society where traditional caste systems persists, is most likely to inherit social discrimination and poverty. Social structures that leave people in poverty are unjust. Social inequality and oppression are neither right nor natural. Every human being has an inalienable dignity and right to pursue life while exercising free will.

A world Good Neighbors wants to build is a place without hunger. However, the hunger free world cannot be built unless discrimination and deprivation are abolished. Therefore, our mission states that we want to ‘make the world a place without hunger, where people live together in harmony’. Building an inclusive and democratic community, in other words ending discrimination and deprivation in a community, should be our priority. Therefore, we support people to move forward.

Our inclusive and democratic community building work focuses on the following two areas :

Promoting inclusiveness and non-discrimination in communities
People are the key to building an inclusive community. Therefore, we will support people’s own initiatives in improving awareness of inclusivity and nondiscrimination. In this regard, we will work with community based organizations to conduct more democratic and inclusive decision-making.

Assisting people’s efforts for community solidarity building
Promoting dialogue and activities among people help building community solidarity. Hence we focus on information sharing and discussions within the community which in turn enables all the people to participate in issue resolution in their community. Furthermore, supporting community’s traditional and modern initiatives for community work will be our priority.