Our Approach

Towards Sustainable Development :
Good Neighbors Global Development Approach

Good Neighbors believes that one of the best ways to transform communities is to empower people. We work with those who are socially and economically marginalized to support them to be better aware of their human rights and to become self-reliant. We focus our efforts on the following four Global Development principles.

4 Global Development Principles

We support our suffering neighbors
We believe that issues of poverty and oppression occur when people become powerless due to existing social structures. Therefore, we strive to help communities identify the structural causes of poverty and oppression, and collaborate their efforts to address these issues.

We raise awareness of human rights and the role of duty bearers
We also believe that in order to promote human rights of those vulnerable and marginalized within the community, it is important to identify those responsible for the protection and promotion of human rights such as the local government and community leaders, and to strengthen their capacity.

We empower people
People are empowered when they recognize and have the willingness and capacity to address social issues in solidarity with other community members. We work as facilitators within the community to create more opportunities for better interaction and cooperation, and to ensure the participation and involvement of those marginalized in the decision making process.

We promote cooperation and solidarity
Empowering people is not a short term process. Therefore, we strive to pursue long-term partnerships to create a platform of cooperation and solidarity among people. Also, in order to encourage solidarity and cooperation, we believe that more people need to be involved in our activities; therefore we promote wider participation and sharing of information.