Social Economy

People achieve economic capacity development
through solidarity and cooperation

In order to make ‘the world a place without hunger, where people live together in harmony’, we need to promote not only social empowerment but economic empowerment. People can only begin to think about the future when they are free from everyday survival. We do not believe that economic poverty is caused solely by the laziness and incompetence of the individual. Rather we consider socio-economic factors, such as structural inequality, lack of social safety nets, collapsing markets, which put many people into a vicious cycle of poverty.

Our initiatives focus on breaking this vicious cycle of poverty. Since the start of our international development activities in 1994, we have made it our principle to work towards promoting self-reliance not just providing unidirectional aid. In order to develop self-reliance among the poor, we have supported various income generation activities throughout the world. Based on this experience, we adopted social economic activities as one of our main priorities in 2014. Since then, we have been promoting economic self-reliance through income generation groups, cooperatives, and social enterprises.

Our economic capacity development work focuses on the following two areas :

Promoting social economy for people
Social economic activities value people more than profit. Thus we promote the establishment of democratic decision making process in social economic organizations in order to promote fair distribution. Nevertheless, there will be unfair distribution for people if the democratic organizations do not have proper income. Our work with long-term partnership will support the organizations to be equipped with all the necessary expertise in order to improve market competitiveness and increase income.

Improving people’s economic capacity
Along with social economy promotion, we will also work with people in poverty so that they can gain improved production skills and materials, which they have difficulties accessing. Likewise our assistance covers their financial access. Enabling financial access will provide more opportunities for them to enhance their economic capacity.