Good Neighbors supports to incubate and manage social enterprises in order to maximize social impact in agriculture, food security, energy and WASH, and other areas with its ultimate goal in sustainable development. We promote social enterprises to be sustainably profitable as well as to create social value in the local community.

  • Social Enterprise

  • - Impact measurement evaluation

    - Business model development

    - Financing initial impact investments

    - Providing business management service

    - Innovation management

    - Problem-solving consulting

    - Social entrepreneurship education

GN Social Enterprise in the fields

  • Mogolia ‘Good Sharing’

    Sells and distributes G-Saver, an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient heat saver using appropriate technology.

  • Nepal ‘H plant’

    Purchases herbs from community members at a fair price, and develops and sells the products made from the herbs
    (essential oils, scented candles, shampoo and hair treatment, cosmetics).

  • Cambodia ‘Good Solar Innovation’

    Sells and distributes photovoltaic generator devices such as solar home systems and solar head lanterns.

  • Rwanda ‘Café de gisagara’

    Purchases, refines, and sells coffee beans raised by local communities through cooperatives.

  • Guatemala ‘Buenos Vecinos’

    Sells and distributes Cook-Stove.

  • Malawi ‘Fairway’

    Purchases and sells agricultural Livestock products(mushroom, pig) from local community members.