I appreciate your kind and generous support. Thanks to your valuable donation, Good Neighbors has been able to lead continuous change in 35 countries for 27 years. Through this website I hope to share our efforts and good changes that we have made with you all over the globe.

Good Neighbors promises to hear the voices of participants in our GN movement, to implement field operation professionally, and to report operation impact transparently in order to ensure accountability. We strive to create sustainable change for the vulnerable and strong partnerships with the communities.

Bearing the mission and core value of its foundation in mind, every staff of Good Neighbors and I will do our utmost to embrace our vulnerable neighbors across the world and make a world without hunger.

Thank you. Ilha Yi

Good Neighbors Global Partnership Center Board Member

Il ha Yi

Founder and Chairman of Good Neighbors International and the President of Good Neighbors Global Partnership Center

President Yi is the visionary behind Good Neighbors GPC and Good Neighbors as a whole. He has established himself as the premier expert of NGO in Korea, and his experience and expertise is globally recognized.

Minho Choi

Secretary General, Good Neighbors Global Partnership Center

Secretary General Minho Choi serves to bring Good Neighbors together and form a positive partnership that enhances its ability to create good changes for the world. Mr. Minho Choi has sincerely worked with Good Neighbors as Country Director of GN Myanmar and GNI Nepal, as well as Regional Coordinator of Good Neighbors Asia. He is now contributing to the global partnership management, respecting the spirit of Good Neighbors based on GN Confession of Faith.

Jung Gon Kim

Secretary General, Good Neighbors International

Mr. Jung Gon Kim has proven his executive management with 21 years of experience in Good Neighbors as a secretary general as well as a senior director in the Operations Division and Management Department. In addition, he won the Korean Donation for Education Awards in 2013 for his hard work in building a culture of giving for education in the Republic of Korea.

Satoshi Koizumi

Executive Director, Good Neighbors JAPAN

Mr. Koizumi, Executive Director of Good Neighbors Japan, has risen through the highly competitive Japanese charity market with his extensive experiences in marketing and business management. He has successfully established Good Neighbors’ respected position within the Japanese civil society, and has expanded Good Neighbors’ presence to Japan.

Mina Choi

Senior Director, Good Neighbors Global Capacity Development Center

Mrs. Choi, as senior director of GN Global Capacity Development Center in Thailand, serves to cultivate future leaders of Good Neighbors all around the world. Being one of the early team members, she has made important contributions to Good Neighbors’ international humanitarian and development programs. She has worked on humanitarian responses in Pakistan, Afghanistan and community development in Kenya as well as strategic planning in Korea. Now, with her rich experience and expertise both in field operations and strategic management, she is committed to paving the way for the next generations of the organization.